July 28, 2013



We are soon approaching the last 10 days of Ramadan. As a reminder you may do itikaf at the masjid. Please be respectful and not to disturb those engaged in salah and recitation of Quran and be sure to keep the house of Allah clean and spotless.

It is very easy to increase your voice while chit chatting, so please limit any talks to the gym or downstairs where you can not disturb others.

Give gentle reminders to those around to ensure that no one is by accident disturbing anyone engaged in ibadah.



July 12, 2013




On June 24th 2013, the masajid in RI discussed the issue of how prayer schedule softwares base their fajr timings in North America. The issue is the number of degrees that is being used to determine when Fajr begins.

The Majority of scholars with the help of astronomers have determined that fajr should be assumed to begin when the sun has reached the 18 degree (below horizon) mark. This is the same number of degrees that all other World institutions determine that fajr should begin such as World Muslim League, Umm al-Qura (Makkah), Islamic Univeristy (Karachi) and Turkey has established Fajr at this degree as well. However, if you choose North America timings the fajr time will be established at 15 degrees (below the horizon) which means the sun has to rise another 3 degrees before fajr is in. This 3 degree difference from 18 to 15 is about 30 minutes long in the summer months. So for purpose of fasting the person who assumes fajr at 18 degrees will stop eating 30 minutes BEFORE the fajr time established at 15 degrees.

For purposes of being cautious with our fasting we should establish fajr at 18 degree angle and for purposes of delaying our isha we should establish isha at 15 degree angle (below horizon).

You can pick the prayer schedules from Masjid al-Kareem that will show the updated timings for the month of Ramadan as well as the other masajid in Rhode Island.


July 8, 2013


Ramadan will begin Tuesday Night - first day of fasting will be Wednesday.

Taraweeh will begin after Isha Prayer. Isha begins at 10:00 pm.


June 30, 2013

New Website 

A new website has been launched; that allows for easier simpler navigation on mobile devices. 

I'm looking for volunteers to help manage the website, and volunteers in general to help manage the community activities at the masjid. 

Please contact the imam if you are looking to start a program.


Br. Hilmy (volunteer)



Ramadan will inshaAllah begin 2nd week of July. Be the first to get the news by subscribing to RI Muslims yahoo groups. 

We post the latest information about community news, janazah prayers, topics of interest for the community and eid/Ramadan news.


 in the name of Allah

 Weekly Programs 

  • Friday  Tajweed - after maghrib prayer
  • Saturday - Tafsir of Quran (explanation of Quran)
  • Sunday  Hadith Class - 12:00 and 1:00 pm (dhur is prayed at 1:00 pm)
  • Sunday  School (see Sunday School for more info)

 Saturday Program

Last Saturday of the month the masjid holds a potluck dinner where everyone’s encouraged to bring food; but college students, bachelors  and any person away from family are always welcome without the need to bring anything but their cheerful mood.  Join your brothers and sisters for this once a month get together.

Every second Sunday of the month there is a Shura (meeting)

Ramadan Prayer Schedule